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Control Horns

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Micro Control Horn 9mm (set of 8)

These 0.5mm ply control horns are ideal for micro models. They are strong and lightweight (less than 0.02g each). Fitted by gluing into a 0.5mm slot cut into the control suface. The pushrod hole is 9mm above the control surface centre line and the overall length of the horn is 13.5mm.

Although the image shows 4 control horns, the pack contains 8.

£ 1.20

Du-Bro Micro Control Horns (DB848)

The Micro Control Horn measures 1/2" in height and comes with a pin molded on the bottom flat for easy installation and secure gluing. Pin can be trimmed off if not desired. Ideal for indoor and park flyers. 2/pkg.

£ 1.55

Du-Bro Park Flyer Control Horns (DB919)

The control horn measures 15mm in height and comes with two pins molded on the bottom flat for easy installation and secure gluing. The pins can be trimmed off if not desired. Ideal for park flyers. 2/pkg.

£ 1.55

Du-Bro DB935 Micro Adjustable Control Horn

A lightweight fully adjustable control horn for indoor and park flyers. Includes large area mounting plates which have positioning points to prevent them from turning. Weight: 1g each, 2 per pkg.

£ 2.10

Du-Bro DB936 Micro Razor Control Horn

Designed for medium size indoor and park flyer models. The open frame design is light but strong. Complete with bottom support plate and two adjustment positions. Overall height: 20.6mm (0.8inch), weight: 0.49gm, 2 per pkg.

£ 1.65

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Radio Active Control Horn

Lightweight control horns for 3mm and 6mm thick Depron foam models. Available in two versions for fitting to 1.5mm CF rod or 2mm CF rod. Supplied as a pack of 4.

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Pushrods and Connectors

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Du-Bro Mini E/Z Connectors

Ideal for Park Flyers! Lightweight aluminum design (0.25g) allows for up to .047 (1.2mm) wire. 2-56 machine screw securely locks wire into place. Press fit the Mini E/Z Connector into a Mini Servo Arm for a secure and dependable fit.

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Du-Bro Micro Closed Loop System (DB846)

Closed loop surface connection gives you precision control! Complete with 4 DuBro Mini E/Z Connectors, 8 aluminum crimps, 10 feet of 10lb. test no-stretch control line, & 4 micro adjustment pins - enough for rudder and elevator. The Micro Pull-Pull System weighs 2.2g.

£ 10.30

Du-Bro DB847 micro push rod system (20")

Comes complete with (2) 20" .032 (0.8mm) pushrods, (2) 18" pushrod housings, (2) Micro E/Z Links (90 degree bend is already on pushrods) and (2) Mini E/Z Connectors. Ideal for indoor and park flyers.

£ 6.75

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Piano Wire

36in lengths of 20swg (0.036in, 0.91mm), 22swg (0.028in, 0.71mm) and 24swg (0.022in, 0.56mm) for making pushrods. Unless ordered with a kit, the wire will be supplied loosely coiled so that it will fit within the max dimensions for package post.

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Du-Bro DB923 Micro Pushrod Guide

A lightweight guide for bare pushrods (i.e. not within a tube). 4 guides/pkg.

£ 1.65

Du-Bro Micro E/Z Link (DB849)

Snap fit on .032 wire (0.8mm, 21swg), simply bend 90 degree angle on pushrod and install E/Z Link onto pushrod (No Z bend required). Super lightweight design, ideal for indoor and park flyers. 4/pkg

£ 1.85

Du-Bro D929 micro ball link for 0.47 pushrods (2 pack)

The perfect connector for your micro and mini model control rods. Complete with snap fitting nylon socket and retaining nut. Also includes a threaded coupler which can be soldered or glued. Weight - 0.45g each, 2/pkg.

£ 4.80

Du-Bro Micro Aileron System (DB850)

Micro aileron system designed for indoor and park flyer aircraft. Complete with Micro E/Z Link (2), Micro E/Z Connector (2), 1/32 (.032) push rods (2) with "L" bend wire (2), and plastic bearing (2). The ideal set-up for installing ailerons on your aircraft.

£ 6.75

Du-Bro 90deg Bellcrank (DB851)

Mounts inside wing for use with ailerons and control linkage systems. Bellcrank injection molded and comes complete with mounting hardware.

£ 1.55

Du-Bro Micro Clevis (DB917)

The Micro Clevis comes complete with removable .031 L-shaped clevis pins. The silicone tubing securely holds pin in place. Includes threaded coupler for .032 wire, which can be soldered or glued with cyanoacrylate. Extra pins included in package.

£ 3.95

Du-Bro Micro Clevis Spare Pins (DB918)

Replacement pins for Micro Clevis - 12 in packet.

£ 1.75

Du-Bro DB924 Micro Servo Mounts

A versatile servo mounting system for any micro servo. These super lightweight, durable servo mounts work on foam, wood, etc. Servo mounts can be installed by drilling a small hole and using CA (cyanoacrylate). The servo can then be mounted using double-sided tape (provided) or screws (provided) for a permanent mount. Servo mounts are made of ABS plastic and are secured with locking back-up plates. Package contains mount sets for two servos. 2 sets/pkg.

£ 2.40


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Du-Bro DB937 Micro E/Z Hinge

Now you can hinge your control surfaces with these popular pin style hinges. Designed for micro indoor and park flyer models, these use metal pivot pins and multiple connecting arms for strength. Overall length: 32.5mm (1.28inch), weight 0.18gm each, 15 per pkg.

£ 5.05

Blenderm Micro Hinge Tape

BlendermTM tape has great adhesion characteristics and is easy to remove. In addition, the hinge tape will not leave residue. Supplied as a 4.5m roll in 25mm and 12.5mm widths.

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