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Aircraft Parts & Accessories - Wheels

DuBro MiniLite Foam Wheels

Dubro Mini Lite Wheels are light & feature a 2-piece press together hub and a super light foam wheel. Supplied in pairs with a 1.2mm axle hole which can be drilled out for larger diameter axles.

Weights (per pair): 1" = 0.9g; 1.25" = 1.1g; 1.5" = 2.2g

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Du-Bro DB150ML 1.5" Spindle Wheels

Du-Bro RC - 1.5in. Spindle Wheels (pk 2).

£ 2.65

MPI Lightweight Foam Tyre Spoked Wheel

Scale like wheels for park flyers. A light weight foam tire and sturdy light plastic hub.

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DuBro Micro Tail Skid (D853)

Why scuff your tail all up when landing? Micro Tail Skid comes with two pins molded on flat for easy installation and secure gluing. Keeps the tail section of your plane from dragging the ground

£ 1.35

DuBro Micro Tail Wheel Bracket (D854)

Now your tail dragger can have a tail wheel bracket. The two piece bracket simply glues together to secure pre-bent 1/32 wire tail wheel strut. (the tail wheel in the image is for illustration only).

£ 1.30
Temporarily out of stock. Please email to register interest.

DuBro Micro Steerable Tail Wheel (D926)

The Micro Steerable Tail Wheel comes with the strut and a 1/2inch (13mm) dia. wheel. This mount can be steerable or left free to travel. Mounts directly to the tail of your aircraft with CA (cyanoacrylate) or epoxy. The arm for steering is included and is 27mm wide. This unit is paintable ABS plastic and will add functionality to your aircraft without adding a lot of weight. 1 per pkg. (1.75 grams ea.).

£ 4.80

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