Capacitor Power

Capacitor-Power Module, 10F

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Capacitor-Power Module, 10F

A capacitor power module for micro planes. Available as a kit or ready-built module with 50mm battery lead and 25mm motor lead.

The kit includes:

  • 10F super capacitor (3V)
  • 3W 0.22 Ohm wire wound resistor
  • 'UM' battery lead
  • motor leads with 1.27mm pitch 2 pin socket
  • prepared veroboard

The assembled weight is approx 6g. Ideal for use with the Stevens Aero micro Hawk glider.

Please note: The capacitor is tested prior to dispatch. Applying reversed polarity will destroy the capacitor and operation above 3V will shorten the lifespan of the capacitor. Use at your own risk.

An instruction leaflet is included with the kit; larger versions of the printed images can be viewed on the web page version.

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