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The JST-RCY connector is the most popular type used on small LiPo and NiMH batteries. It is commonly erroneously called just 'JST' or ''BEC' or JST Power' or 'red JST'.

The specified current rating is only 3A but it is often optimistically used at higher currents. A full data sheet (PDF) is available on the JST web site.

See JST-RCY wiring for connection info.


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JST-RCY 2 Pin Connectors

5 packs of plug or socket shells and crimps - used for power leads. The plug is the connector normally fitted to the battery lead. The plastic shell of the socket has a hole that the plug fits into and it has 2 pins that fit into the 2 holes in the end of the plug.

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JST-RCY Connector with 100mm Lead

A 100mm lead with JST-RCY connector at one end.

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