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Aircraft Covering Materials - Solarfilm SoLite

You may have heard that Solarfilm are closing down. The owners wish to retire and there is no-one to take over the business.
Once our stock of Solite is gone, there will be no more.

Ultra light iron-on self-adhesive film (polypropylene). For small models, indoor models, park-fly models. Transparent colours weigh only 20 grammes per square metre (0.60 ounces per square yard). 'Solid' colours are only slightly heavier. Weights include colour and adhesive. Also available in clear.

Follow this link for an excellent tutorial on using SoLite: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?711624-Covering-Tutorial-for-Beginning-Builders.

Weight: 20 to 25 g.s.m., Sheet size:1.27m. x 0.7m.


Dark Green




Dark Blue



Transparent Yellow

Transparent Red

Transparent Blue

Transparent Green

Please select a colour from the menu below:

£ 6.85 Select colour:

Please Note: Unless ordered with a kit, Solarfilm sheets are folded to fit within the maximum dimension for 1st class post or airmail. Please contact us if you wish your Solarfilm to be supplied in the original 700mm long form (this is likely to incur an extra postage charge).

Solarfilm So-Lite Small Sheet

A smaller sheet of Solite: 0.91m x 0.7m.

£ 3.60 Select colour:

Solarfilm So-Lite Patch Pack

A convenient patch-pack size of So-Lite 700mm x 315mm; just the right amount for repair jobs, trim or covering micro models.

Two patch packs are sufficient for covering most of the Stevens Aero, Mountain and Parkscale micro models.

£ 2.05 Select colour:

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