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Discontinued Chargers

Kontronic 2S - 4S LiPo Charger | Fusion AC Power Supplies

LiPo cells and batteries cannot be sent via airmail or on their own via UK post. Please see LiPo Shipping for details.

Items listed on this page are all discontinued products and are available at reduced prices on the Sale Page. There is no 'Add to Cart' button on this page.

Hyperion EOS 5i DP Charger with A123 Support

The EOS 5i dp is a versatile, easy-to-use charger with special features for fast charging, discharging and cycling NiCd and NiMH packs of up to 14 cells, Lithium packs to 5S, LifePO4 (A123) cells to 6S and lead-acid batteries to 12V. Charge output cord included.

The EOS 5i DP provides a 'DataPort' for connection to the LBA10 balancer allowing the user to monitor the individual voltages of each battery cell during the charge process. The LBA communicates with the charger, giving notification when balance charging is completed, or when an error is detected and tells the charger to shut down. This insures maximum safety.

The EOS 5i DP, with its max charge rate of 5 ampere, is ready for large capacity lithium packs. The discharge and cycling programs allow you to easily diagnose the condition of your packs, with a Data View mode that conveniently displays detailed information about the charge or discharge cycle.

£ 34.40

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JP LI-PRO Plus Temperature Probe

A probe for monitoring battery temperature while charging. Compatible with all LiPro Plus chargers.

£ 7.40

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Kontronic 2S - 4S LiPo Charger
(Top | Fusion AC Power Supplies)

A small LiPo charger, suitable for field use. Charges 2S to 4S batteries with a rate variable from 0.5A to 2.5A.

Download the user manual.

£ 18.60

Fusion N70 NiCd/NiMH DC Charger

Fusion NX70 is a delta peak charger for 4-7 NiCd or NiMH cells. Input is 11-15V DC. Charge rate is selectable 1A, 2A or 4A with automatic trickle of 0.1A to 0.2A at the end of charge.

£ 19.95

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Charge Adapters

(Top | Kontronic 2S - 4S LiPo Charger | Fusion AC Power Supplies)

Fusion Balance Adapter Board - JST-XH
£ 2.60

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Fusion Balance Adapter Board - PQ
£ 2.60

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Fusion AC Power Supplies
(Top | Kontronic 2S - 4S LiPo Charger)

The PS100 and PS200 power supplies are ideal for use with 12V DC only chargers. The PS100 will supply up to 8 amps and is a good match for most chargers. The PS200, supplying up to 15A, is suitable for higher power chargers or for running multiple chargers at the same time.

Due to the weight of these power supplies, they have individal shipping charges which will be added to the shopping cart. If the shipping destination is outside the UK, or you wish purchase two or more chargers or a charger and other components, the accumulated shipping charge may be too much - we always refund any excess charge. If you do not wish to pay and then have a refund, please contact us for a shipping charge calculation.

Input Voltage:220V~240V AC
Output Voltage:13.8V DC Regulated (PS200 Adj: 5V - 15V DC)
Current Rating:8A (PS100), 15A (PS200)
Output Connections:4mm 'Banana' Sockets / Clamps

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