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Discontinued Radical R/C Kits

Radical R/C Dual TX Case

Items listed on this page are all discontinued as they fall outside our current product range. They are available at reduced prices on the Sale Page. There is no 'Add to Cart' button on this page.

Radical R/C Dual TX Case

The Radical R/C TX case is designed with a high quality interlaced joinery sure to leave any fine woodworker stunned. Don't tell them how you did it! Designed with room inside for your 2.4g antenna, will also hold your 35MHz radios easily. The space that is normally wasted in a bargain aluminum case is filled with storage containers. There are places for your extra modules, receivers, charge cords, even a place to hide a spare battery and your wall charger for those extended flying trips. All lids and drawers are magnetically retained. Over 30 magnets in this kit do everything from work the nifty latches to retaining the handle where you like it.

Available in either Lite Ply or Russian Birch - both top quality selected woods. Builds with standard hobby adhesives (thin and med CA's). No special tools are required. The photos show the Lite Ply version (top) finished in Golden Oak Stain and Semi-Gloss Polyurethane and the Russian Birch version (bottom) finished in Red Mahogany and Semi-Gloss Polyurethane. You actually stain this project before you build. it.

The £8.50 shipping cost is due to the weight of this quality kit and is for Royal Mail Parcel service to UK destinations. International customers should email for a shipping quotation before ordering.

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