Discontinued Servos

Items listed on this page are all discontinued as they fall outside our current product range. They are available at reduced prices on the Sale Page. There is no 'Add to Cart' button on this page.

SuperTec Park Flyer

A mini servo with punchy power for small electric aircraft or gliders.
Spec: 30.8x16.2x28.5mm, 18gm, 2.8kg/cm, 0.18sec.

£ 11.40

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SuperTec SO3N

Standard size servo with metal bushes on output shaft suitable for sport & trainer aircraft, boats & cars.
Spec: 39.5x20x35.6mm, 42gm, 3.4kg/cm, 0.23sec/60°.

£ 8.95

SuperTec S19HPXN/2BB

Fantastic power! This is the ultimate fast servo suitable for all model installations. Pulls a superb 5.4Kg-cm at a blistering speed!
Spec: 40.5 x 20 x 37.5mm, 47gm, 5.4kg/cm, 0.14sec.

£ 19.95

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SuperTec S9102/2BB

A torquey and speedy low profile servo with twin ballraced output shaft.
Spec: 44.9x22.5x28.8m, 42gm, 2.5kg/cm, 0.16sec.

£ 12.95

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