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Flight Line PlansTM : Kits

Flight Line Plans kits comprise all airframe components cut to size only requiring glue and decoration to complete.

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Flight Line Plans SkyDart vs Kit

'SkyDart vs' utilises the Spektrum AR6400 or similar 3 function receiver module to control rudder, elevator and throttle of this latest iteration of the Dart models. SkyDart vs is a smooth flyer and would be suitable as a first R/C model.

An external ESC is required to drive the micro brushless motor and the complete system is operated from a single LiPo cell.

It is remarkable how well this model flies on just a few of watts of power and will loop and stall turn easily.

The SkyDart vs kit includes CNC cut parts and a full annotated plan with building instructions and control setup.

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Kit Price: £ 24.75 Total Price (incl options): £ 24.75

Skydart vs is also available as a plan only: £ 7.45


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