Flight Line PlansTM : Kits

Flight Line Plans kits comprise all airframe components cut to size only requiring glue and decoration to complete.

Flight Line Plans SkyDart vs Kit

'SkyDart vs' utilises the Spektrum AR6400 or similar 3 function receiver module to control rudder, elevator and throttle of this latest iteration of the Dart models. SkyDart vs is a smooth flyer and would be suitable as a first R/C model.

An external ESC is required to drive the micro brushless motor and the complete system is operated from a single LiPo cell.

It is remarkable how well this model flies on just a few of watts of power and will loop and stall turn easily.

The SkyDart vs kit includes CNC cut parts and a full annotated plan with building instructions and control setup.


  • Wingspan: 14.6" (372mm)
  • Flying Weight: 1.2oz (33g)
  • Wing Loading: ~1.9oz/sqft (5.9g/dm2)
  • Power Loading: 95W/lb (44W/Kg)
  • Flight Time: ~10 minutes
  • Controls: 3 (Rudder, Elevator, Throttle)
Required Radio Equipment:
  • Spektrum AR6400 or similar receiver module
  • XY Motors AP03 7500Kv and GWS 3x2 prop
  • 3A single cell brushless ESC (e.g. XP-3A)
  • ~200mAh 1S LiPo cell

A number of options for Flight Line Plans SkyDart vs Kit may be purchased at discounted prices. Selecting an option will add its price to the total.

Styro spray paint or Zig Posterman pens are ideal for decorating this depron model.

Motor:AP03 3g Micro Brushless Motor: +£17.67
Prop:microfly 3x2 (black): +£0.52 ea, quantity:

The XP-3A ESC option is wired for use with LiPo cells that have a 'UM' style plug (2 pin 1.25mm pin space Molex PicoBlade) and a 200mm long signal lead.

XQ Control XP-3A 1 cell 3A Brushless ESC wired for AR6400 & 'UM' Power Conn: +£14.40 (no stock)
AR6410-Like DSM2/DSMX 6CH Ultra Micro-Rx£27.95
Hyperion G3 130mAh 1S (3.7V) 25C£2.80
Hyperion G5 160mAh 1S (3.7V) 50C£4.70
Hyperion G3 240mAh 1S (3.7V) UM Conn£4.00
Charge Lead:'UM' Battery Charge / Receiver Power Lead: +£1.19

PVA/Aliphatic for wood/depron joints; UHU-Por for depron/depron; epoxy where strength is required; Blenderm for control surface hinges.

Deluxe Materials Aliphatic Resin (112g): +£5.94 (no stock)
UHU Por Foam Friendly Glue (40ml): +£3.32 (no stock)
Deluxe Materials 4 Min Speed Epoxy - 71gm (2.5oz): +£8.79
Blenderm Hinge Tape (25mm): +£2.61

Kit Price: £ 24.75

Skydart vs is also available as a plan only: £ 7.45 .

Flight Line Plans Sqeek Kit

Sqeek is a 9.5" (240mm) span model for the Spektrum AR6400. Sqeek supplies spectacular aerobatic performance from a single Lipo cell and brushless power. Although more suited to outdoor flying, even in reasonably windy conditions, this model can also be flown indoors in a large hall by competent flyers. Beware though as sqeek can move quickly!

There's been a revolution underway since the introduction of 2.4GHz equipment and in particular the super small versions now offered in increasing numbers with miniature ready to fly planes. Flight Line PlansTM recognised the need for follow-on designs to accept re-use of these items and are introducing several new plans based around the Spektrum AR6400 receiver.

Sqeek is powered by the hexTronik 2 gram brushless outrunner D1000-7700 motor driving a Tri-Turbofan prop supplied from a 180-240mAh Lipo cell. The Spektrum AR6400 integrate receiver and 2 servos and allow wired connection of an external single cell ESC rated at 3A. Flight times can be in the ~10+ minutes range and the all up weight is only around 20 grams. Construction is mainly Depron with a balsa fuselage and local ply strengthening. The finished model benefits from colouring with acrylic paint.

Sqeek is supplied as an 'Instructional Plan and Materials' which includes full size drawings of component parts and comprehensive build instructions supported by a materials pack. There is also information on connecting the ESC and Tx and servo set-up. This plan format has already been acclaimed with the Goolie design; we hope you find it user friendly.

As with other Flight Line PlansTM models, it's remarkable how well this model flies on around 6 or 7 watts of power and despite its size it flies in an exceptionally stable yet aerobatic fashion with an impressive turn of speed. Sqeek is capable of all rolling and looping manoeuvres and inverted flight and can be flown both fast and slow due to its light wing loading and high power to weight ratio.


  • Wingspan: 9.5" (240mm)
  • Flying Weight: 0.7oz (20g)
  • Wing Loading: ~2.1oz/sqft
  • Controls: 3 (Elevons(2), Throttle)
  • Flight Time: ~10 mins
  • Power Loading: 165W/lb

Items Needed to Complete:

  • Spektrum AR6400
  • 10mm 2g brushless outrunner motor, TGY or XP 3A 1S ESC and TriTurbo prop
  • 180mAh - 240mAh 1 cell LiPo battery
  • UHU-Por to join airframe components
  • Acrylic or other foam-safe paint (e.g. Styro spray, or ZIG Posterman marker pens)
  • Blenderm or similar tape for hinging elevons

£ 13.80

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