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Glues, Fillers & Tapes

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Some glue items cannot be sent out of the U.K. as they are either flammable or corrosive. If your delivery destination is not a U.K. address, please check with us before ordering.


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Deluxe Materials Roket Hot - 20g

Super-thin, crystal clear, penetrating adhesive. Sets in 1 to 5 seconds.

£ 5.80

Deluxe Materials Roket Rapid - 20g

Medium viscosity, fast setting adhesive. Sets in 5 to 10 seconds.

£ 5.80

Deluxe Materials Roket Tricky Stick 50ml

Allows cyano to bond difficult shiny plastics and foam. Surface primer for EPP, EPO, acetals, fluorinated rubbers, silicones, polythene, polypropylene. Increases the versatility of cyano as a glue and improves strength.

£ 8.15


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Deluxe Materials Micro Tips and Tube

Pack of six micro tips and teflon tubing for precise anti-clog application of superglues.

£ 5.50

Wood Glue

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Deluxe Materials Superphatic - 50ml

High penetrating yellow aliphatic glue for close fitting pre-assembled joints. Drys fast and bonds wood, foam and plastic. Waterproof when set and produces tougher joints than superglue.

£ 5.65

Deluxe Materials Aliphatic Resin

Professional yellow wood glue use with hardwoods. Sands better than PVA and will take a stain. Sets at low temp, water resistant, faster grab time.

£ 6.25

Special Glues

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Deluxe Materials Cover Grip - 150ml

Bond plastic covering films to foam, balsa and ply parts on the fuselage. Enhances film adhesion between the model structure and the film itself thus preventing lift. Cover grip dries non tacky but is instantly activated with a hot iron at normal temperatures.

£ 6.95

Deluxe Materials R/C Modellers Glue

Multi-purpose gap filling craft glue. Thick and tacky, dries clear, remains flexible. Bonds combinations of wood plastic, fabric, foil, painted surfaces. Excellent for fixing canopies.

£ 4.55

Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste

Paste for bonding tissue used on traditional model aeroplanes. The formulation allows delicate tissue paper to be placed onto airframes and smoothed without tearing. Dries clear.

£ 6.25


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Deluxe Materials Roket Powder

Strengthening powder for use with Roket Hot/Rapid to improve gap filling. Can be drilled. Flows like liquid.

£ 5.30

Deluxe Materials Micro Balloons (250cc)

A lightweight “free flowing” white powder which is mixed with polyester or epoxy resin to make an easy sanding strong filler.

£ 8.95

Deluxe Materials Model Lite Lightweight Filler (Balsa 240ml)

A strong but very lightweight filler which sands easily for excellent results. Same as Model Lite, but with a light balsa coloured tint.

£ 7.25

Plastic Glue

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Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic - 50ml

A solvent for assembly of ABS plastic card construction and semi scale models. Useful on exterior parts where invisible glue line is needed. Use on styrene, ABS, PVC, plastic card and mouldings.

£ 4.55

Deluxe Materials Roket Plastic- 30ml

Non flammable, non toxic. Bonds plastics, ABS, plastic card etc.

£ 4.90

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