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Micro Propellers

Vapor Prop with Spinner (PKZ3302)

Replacement propeller for Parkzone Vapor and Night Vapor. Size: 140mm x 45mm (5.5" x 1.75"). Centre is 1mm threaded to screw onto the Vapor gearbox.

£ 3.95
Temporarily out of stock. Please email to register interest.

E-flite Micro 4-Site Propeller with Spinner (pk of 2) (EFL9051)

Replacement propellers (2) for E-Flite Ultra Micro 4-Site, size: 130mm x 70mm.

This prop is a good match for the PKZ3624 P51 motor gearbox and is used on many of the Stevens Aero and Mountain Models micro aeroplane kits.

If out of stock, a good substitute is a GWS 5x3 with a 1.5mm prop adapter.

£ 7.70
Temporarily out of stock. Please email to register interest.

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E-flite 3 Blade Prop (Mosquito/Corsair: EFLUP11803B and EFLUP11803BR)

Replacement 3 bladed propeller for the E-Flite Mosquito or Corsair. Size 110mm x 80mm; available in normal (CCW) and reverse (CW) pitch; fits the 8.5mm motor/gearbox e.g. PKZ3624.

£ 2.65 Select Type:

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