Micro Propellers

Vapor Prop with Spinner (PKZ3302)

Replacement propeller for Parkzone Vapor and Night Vapor. Size: 140mm x 45mm (5.5" x 1.75"). Centre is 1mm threaded to screw onto the Vapor gearbox.

£ 3.95

E-flite Micro 4-Site Propeller with Spinner (pk of 2) (EFL9051)

Replacement propellers (2) for E-Flite Ultra Micro 4-Site, size: 130mm x 70mm.

This prop is a good match for the PKZ3624 P51 motor gearbox and is used on many of the Stevens Aero and Mountain Models micro aeroplane kits.

£ 7.70
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E-flite 3 Blade Prop (Mosquito/Corsair: EFLUP11803B and EFLUP11803BR)

Replacement 3 bladed propeller for the E-Flite Mosquito or Corsair. Size 110mm x 80mm; available in normal (CCW) and reverse (CW) pitch; fits the 8.5mm motor/gearbox e.g. PKZ3624.

£ 2.65 Select Type:

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Plantraco Tri-Turbo Fan Propeller

This 65mm diameter prop works quite well on the 7mm coreless motor. It has a 1mm hub hole.

£ 1.45

Plantraco 100x80 Propeller

100x80 Prop for 1mm shaft - Black. Great for use on the GB03 gearbox. The prop is bored with a 0.98mm shaft hole. The weight is 0.85 gm.

£ 2.00

Plantraco 100x80 Propeller (1.5mm shaft)

A version of the 100x80 prop for 1.5mm shaft - orange. The weight is 0.85 gm.

£ 2.00

Plantraco Carbon Fibre Propeller 3.2" x 2.2"

Carbon fibre propeller - CF3222 from Plantraco with prop adapter to fit the GB05 gearbox. Weight is 0.2g. This is the replacement propeller for the Plantraco models: Butterfly, Carbon Butterfly, Classroom Fighters and MicroMAV.

£ 11.75
Temporarily out of stock. Please email to register interest.

Micro Butterfly Propeller

Plastic Prop 32mm diameter, 0.69mm bore to fit 4mm motor (shaft is 0.7mm press fit). Weight 0.055g. This prop is matched well to the 4mm X 11mm 13 Ohm motor.

£ 3.20

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