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This page contains thumbnail images and a brief details of our range of model kits. They are divided into: Micro which are approx 75gm auw and below; and Mini which are approx 150gm auw and below. The Micro models are suitable for use with the Spektrum AR6400, ParkZone PKZ3352 Vapor/Ember or similar receiver modules. Many Micro kits use the Parkzone PKZ3624 motor/gearbox with E-flite EFL9051 prop. Suitable airborne gear for the Mini models comprises a micro 3-4 channel receiver, a 18mm 10gm 2000Kv brushless motor, 6A BL ESC, a 200~350mAh 2S LiPo and 2 or 3 3~4gm servos.

Click on the image to get to a detailed description of the model and available options and to purchase. Most of the model kits are CNC laser cut and the quality of cutting is so good you can almost slot together in your hand and lock the parts in place with a drop of thin cyano.

The shipping method depends on the length of the kit; some kits use 61cm (24inch) sheets and must be sent using a parcel service; see Model Kit Shipping for details.

The flying speed of a aeromodel is affected by wing loading - lower wing loading = slower flying speed. A table of model kits sorted by wing loading is here.

Micro Models

Ace : £54.95
Span: 609mm
Flying Weight: 64gm

The nostalgic lines of Stevens Aero Ace (100) are presented with a strong nod to Henry Struck and h...
Air Camper : £61.20
Span: 603mm
Flying Weight: 66gm

Take to the sky with this vintage homebuilt American classic. Designed by Bernard Pietenpol the 19...
Baby Biwinger : £32.40
Span: 330mm
Flying Weight: 37gm

This tiny 13 inch span biplane was originally designed in 1952 for free flight and published in Air...
BuzzBomb : £52.80
Span: 533mm
Flying Weight: 51gm

The BuzzBomb 100 is a reduced version of the vintage free-flight classic Buzzard Bombshell and, whi...
Corben Baby Ace : £38.40
Span: 490mm
Flying Weight: 50gm

No other form of aviation can equal the experience of flying open cockpit in helmet and goggles. T...
DHC-2 Beaver : £28.80
Span: 520mm
Flying Weight: 40gm

The de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver is a single-engined, high-wing, propeller-driven, STOL aircraf...
Droplet : £26.40
Span: 530mm
Flying Weight: 32gm

The Droplet is a micro R/C balsa easy-flying aeroplane kit. The Droplet is perfect for indoor flyin...
Fly Baby : £45.60
Span: 370mm
Flying Weight: 43gm

Aside from his modeling community fame, Pete Bowers may be best known for his contribution to the e...
Fokker D.VII : £46.80
Span: 420mm
Flying Weight: 52gm

The Fokker D.VII’s docile flight manners and agile performance are sure to bring excitement to mo...
Heath LNB-4 Parasol : £37.20
Span: 558mm
Flying Weight: 37gm

Credited as the father of the modern home built movement. Ed Heath's parasol was one of the only f...
LiddleBug (2.4) : £38.40
Span: 508mm
Flying Weight: 23gm

A 'micro' version of the DiddleBug designed for the Parkzone Vapor or Spektrum AR6400 receiver modu...
LiddleGee : £38.40
Span: 375mm
Flying Weight: 32gm

Based on the LiddleRod 2.4 the LiddleGee puts a fresh face on this smooth-flying highly aerobatic i...
LiddleRod : £38.40
Span: 375mm
Flying Weight: 31gm

This smooth-flying highly aerobatic indoor model is a pilot pleaser. With nimble handling and a wid...
Monocoupe 90a : £28.80
Span: 485mm
Flying Weight: 46gm

The Monocoupe 90 was a light, fabric covered, two seat cabin aircraft built by Donald Luscombe in 1...
Nieuport : £39.60
Span: 420mm
Flying Weight: 50gm

The ToonScale 1911-1/2 Nieuport UM is the second in the Great Race! series of micro model aircraft ...
PA-15 : £38.40
Span: 480mm
Flying Weight: 43gm

With the exception of a new side-by-side fuselage, The full size PA-15 Vagabond utilized much of th...
PeregrinE : £32.40
Span: 600mm
Flying Weight: 51gm

The PeregrinE Micro is designed to bring back that nostalgic feeling of yesteryear, in an indoor el...
RingRat 050 : £45.60
Span: 350mm
Flying Weight: 37gm

Wow your friends with this vintage styled pint sized ultra-micro aerobat. The RingRat (RC-050) is b...
Roland c.II Walfisch : £33.60
Span: 340mm
Flying Weight: 40gm

The Roland C.II Walfisch was one of the most advanced aircraft when it first appeared in March 1916...
Rookie : £16.95
Span: 295mm
Flying Weight: 17gm

The Rookie glider has been tuned to achieve excellent performance in the hands of lower powered thr...
Stinson : £32.40
Span: 546mm
Flying Weight: 50gm

The Stinson Aircraft Company was founded in 1920 by famed aviator Edward “Eddie” Stinson. One o...
Taylorcraft : £32.40
Span: 490mm
Flying Weight: 45gm

The spunky clipped wing Taylorcraft has been pleasing airshow audiences for decades. This Stevens A...
camp e'Racer : £27.60
Span: 395mm
Flying Weight: 40gm

This little beauty is a purely fictional racer designed in the style of the golden years of aviatio...
microMax : £30.00
Span: 470mm
Flying Weight: 43gm

The 'microMax 103' captures the simple lines, easy construction and delightful performance of the h...
re-Run : £16.95
Span: 457mm
Flying Weight: 20gm

re-Run is a new twist on the classic hand launch entry level glider design. Long smooth glides are ...

Mini Models

Ebenezer the Hun : £43.20
Span: 485mm
Flying Weight: 170gm

A fun RC model based on Bert Striegler's Ebenezer FF concept - a quick to build all sheet small mod...
Ebenezer the Limey : £43.20
Span: 508mm
Flying Weight: 160gm

A fun RC model based on Bert Striegler's Ebenezer FF concept - a quick to build all sheet small mod...
F4U Corsair : £37.20
Span: 615mm
Flying Weight: 116gm

A 24.25" span micro/indoor model of the F4U fighter. The Chance Vought F4U Corsair was the most cap...
Fokker D-VII : £38.40
Span: 500mm
Flying Weight: 115gm

A 21" span micro/indoor model of the Fokker D.VII. The D.VII was a German World War I fighter aircr...
Hawker Hind : £27.00
Span: 500mm
Flying Weight: 115gm

A 20" span indoor/micro model of the Hawker Hind. The British Hawker Hind was a Royal Air Force lig...
Micro Low Stick : £26.40
Span: 415mm
Flying Weight: 100gm

The Micro Stick in a Low Wing version! The Micro Low Stick flies much larger than it is. Average sp...
Micro Stick : £21.60
Span: 430mm
Flying Weight: 86gm

A small model that uses simple gear. The Micro Stick is hot at full throttle, faster than you'd exp...
Mini Drake : £46.20
Span: 605mm
Flying Weight: 116gm

The Mini Drake is a micro seaplane based on the Drake designed by Ken Willard. This is a great litt...
Mini Low Stick : £28.80
Span: 585mm
Flying Weight: 145gm

Das Mini Low Stick is a dream to build and will become your favourite airplane in...
P-51C Mustang : £33.60
Span: 570mm
Flying Weight: 120gm

A 23.25" span micro/indoor model of the P-51C. The North American P-51 Mustang was the most advance...
Slingsby T7 : £64.80
Span: 915mm
Flying Weight: 110gm

A 36" scale model of the Slingsby T.7 Kirkby Cadet, an aeroplane that has given many ATC youngsters...
Swift : £65.40
Span: 533mm
Flying Weight: 90gm

An exciting full-house aerobatic ultra-micro model from Stevens AeroModel with styling influenced b...
wee Devil RC : £50.40
Span: 725mm
Flying Weight: 145gm

wee Devil is an original design by Mark Freeland with styling hints taken from J Allen's 'Little De...

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