Model Wing Loading Table

The wing loading numbers are provided by the kit manufacturer and are achievable by building light and avoiding excessive weight.

Model Kits Grouped By Wing Loading

Wing Loading
oz/sq ft
1.4Playmite, camp e'Racer
1.6S-POU!, Elipsa vs
2.1re-Run, Sqeek , LiddleBug (2.4)
2.2PuddleBug, Droplet
2.6BuzzBomb, SpookE, PeregrinE, Roland c.II Walfisch, Rookie
2.7LiddleRod, LiddleGee, Heath LNB-4 Parasol, Avro 534
2.8"Say's nuh!" 140, Ricci Triplane
2.9microHawk, Baby Biwinger
3Fokker D.VII, Sky Scout
3.1QuickOats 100, Rockette
3.2Demoiselle, Ace
3.3DH53 Humming Bird, RingRat 050, microMax
3.5SE5a, Fly Baby, PA-15, DHC-2 Beaver, Pacemaker
3.6Air Camper, Taylorcraft
3.7Little Bogie, Slingsby T7
3.8Fokker D-VII
3.9Hawker Hind, Corben Baby Ace, "Say's Nuh!" 180, Stinson
4Micro Squire, Micro Squire EZ, Round2it!, Nieuport
4.4Monocoupe 90a
4.8Swift, SinBad 36
5Micro Stick, Maule M7
5.4Hergt Monoplane
5.5Mini Low Stick, Mini Intern Trainer
5.7Micro Low Stick, Pitts S1C
5.81911 Caudron
6wee Devil RC
6.6P-51C Mustang, F4U Corsair
7.2Ebenezer the Limey
8Ebenezer the Hun

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