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Mountain Park Flyer Models

Little Bogie

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Mountain Models Little Bogie

The Little Bogie is a small model designed to bring back that nostalgic feeling of yesteryear, in a small field electric package. Taking inspiration from many different free flight planes of the past, Mountain Models developed the 36 inch Little Bogie, which resulted in a super lightweight, nostalgic, and relaxingly smooth flying plane.

The Little Bogie was designed using a state of the art 3D CAD package, to allow for exceptional interlocking parts design and fit. 3D design also allows for clearer assembly images, without having to use photos.

The Little Bogie is built from self-jigging interlocking laser cut balsa and plywood parts. It's like a 3D jigsaw puzzle with instructions. Although not needed for building, full size plans are included for reference. If the instructions are read before hand and followed during the build, the Little Bogie can be built up and ready to fly in only a few evenings.

Download the: Little Bogie build manual and read the RC Groups discussion thread.

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