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DelTang Receiver Programmers

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Programmer for Rx4x 'v5' and Rx6x Receivers (PROG3)

PROG3 is used to change settings in Rx4x 'v5' (from v5.10) and Rx6x (from v6.10) receivers. Changes are made on PROG3 and sent through to the Rx with the push of a button.

All Rx6x receivers can be programmed using a standard DSM2 transmitter - i.e. one with control sticks. The PROG3 is only required for programming if you don't have a standard TX.

Receivers with firmware version at v6.10 and up can be programmed using this programmer. Instructions for using PROG3 are located here.

All current stock has firmware with support for PROG3. Rx6x receivers with firmware older than V6.10 require PROG1 - please contact us if you have a Rx6x receiver with older firmware. If you are unsure of your receiver's firmware version, take a look at the smaller IC package on the circuit board; it will be marked with the 3 version digits - e.g. "6 0 3" for version v6.0.3.

£ 18.00

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Serial Programmer for Rx4x 'v5' and Rx6x Receivers (PROG4)

Prog4 is a programmer for DT land-based receivers (Rx4x-v5 and Rx6x). It is used with a computer to change program settings. Prog4 creates a wireless link between the computer and the receiver. A low-cost serial cable (not included) and freeware file transfer software (not included) are required.

Refer to this page for information on using PROG4.

Suitable PL-2303 USB adapter cables are available from many suppliers. Be aware that many of these do not contain genuine Prolific PL-2303 chips and may result in driver warnings / errors, especially on Windows 10.

£ 18.00

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