DelTang Rx102 DSM2 Receiver for Land-Based Vehicles

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Rx102 Receiver

Rx102 is a simple 7 channel receiver for model railway use on large electric and live-steam locomotives. It can drive speed controllers, servos, directional lights, etc. It supports Selecta for use with Tx22 and Tx24. The 18x40mm dimensions allow it to fit easily into many 32/45mm steam or diesel locomotives.

Usage and programming information is available on the Rx102 info page.

Rx102 is ideal for live-steam, using servos to control regulator and reverser, and for large electric locos with motors requiring more than the 6A that the Rx65 can supply. Rx102 can also be used with many of our brushed or brushless speed controllers.

Rx102 is designed for use with any of the DT transmitters Tx20, Tx21, Tx22, Tx24 and may also be configured for use as loco 2 or 3 with the Tx23 (enquire for details). Selecta is disabled by default but easily enabled using the supplied jumper plug. When using Selecta please take note of this safety warning.

Rx102 is available with a standard short wire aerial and also with an extended co-axial aerial (select using the menu near the 'Add to Cart' button). The latter is useful for use in all metal locomotives to allow the active part of the aerial to be placed outside the body. Many Rx102 features may be configured using a jumper link across the receiver pins and each output is individually changed using Prog3 or Prog4 (programming instructions). Rx102 cannot be programmed using a Tx. If you do not have a programmer and need a non-standard configuration, please contact us before purchase.

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The standard setup for Rx102 supports both auto and manual binding. Auto bind causes the receiver to enter bind mode (rapid LED flash) 20s after switch on if it fails to find a previously bound transmitter. Manual bind causes the receiver to enter bind mode immediately if a jumper plug is connected across signal pins 5 and 7.

Spare 150mm aerials are available for the extended aerial version of Rx65, Rx66 and Rx102: £ 1.15

The remote aerial will not fit the standard wire aerial version of the receiver as this does not have the required socket; only the remote aerial version of the receiver has the socket.

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