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Deltang Rx60 DSM2/DSMX Receiver for Land-Based Vehicles

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Rx60 DSM2/DSMX 13V 6 Channel Receiver with Bi-Directional ESC

Rx60 is a 6 channel (1.3A ESC, 5 aux chan) DSM2/DSMX compatible micro receiver designed for use in surface vehicle: cars, boats and train locomotives. The receiver is designed to operate from 3-13v DC. This allows it to be used with many battery combinations. 1S, 2S and 3S lipos are common choices (3S = 3 cells in series), 3-8 NiMH or a PP3. The motor output (H1) can supply up to 1.3A when the motor is stalled at 100% throttle.

The receiver is available as a bare board with 2.54mm pad space for ease of soldering and as a wired version. The latter has lead-out wires installed for battery and motor (H1).

Size:22.5 x 11 x 4.0 mm
Weight:0.81 gm
Voltage Range:3V - 13V
Max Current:1.3A
wiring adds 0.5gm ~ 2gm to the bare board weight
Rx6x Receiver Features

£ 32.00
Not available, discontinued. A Micron replacement is in development, send an email to register interest.

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