Deltang Rx63 DSM2/DSMX Receiver for Land-Based Vehicles

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Rx63 DSM2/DSMX 8.4V 4 Channel Receiver with Bi-Directional ESC

Rx63 is a 4 channel DSM2/DSMX compatible micro receiver designed for use in surface vehicle: cars, boats and train locomotives. The motor output can supply up to 0.5A when the motor is stalled at 100% throttle The receiver is designed to operate from 3-13V DC but 8.4-9V should be the limit for running the ESC at 0.5A.

The receiver is available as a bare board with 2.54mm pad space for ease of soldering and with wires for battery and motor. Please contact us if you need wiring for other receiver outputs - e.g. servo/switch channels.
Size:16.6 x 9.6 x 4.0 mm
Weight:0.55 gm
Voltage Range:3V - 13V
Max Current:1A @ 4.2V, 0.5A @ 8.4V
wiring adds 0.5gm ~ 1gm to the bare board weight
Rx6x Receiver Features

Receiver Variant and Wiring Options:

See the Variants tab for an explanation of each variant.

Throttle Control:

throttle control method applies only to -2 and -22 variants

Power/Motor Leads:

The receiver has a low-voltage cutoff facility which stops the motor when the battery has reached its discharge voltage. The default setting is for LiPo batteries. If you are using NiMH, the LVC should be disabled - see Low Voltage Cutoff tab.

Heatshrink Cover:

Other wiring options are available (e.g. lead-out wires for the 'P' channels) - please enquire sending details of how you wish to use Rx63.

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