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Radical R/C Parkflyer Kits

Micro Stick

Micro Low Stick

A range of superbly CNC cut small balsa electric models. The design and laser cutting quality is so good you can almost slot together in your hand and lock the parts in place with a drop of thin cyano.

Radical R/C Micro Stick
(Top | Micro Low Stick)

A small model that uses simple gear. The Micro Stick is hot at full throttle, faster than you'd expect, yet the wing loading is that of an indoor flyer. Weighing in at only 100gm, it's hard to believe it only needs your typical park flier gear.

The wing is held on with a simple magnet, so you can change the battery in a flash.

Micro Stick can be built as aileron/elevator or aileron/elevator/rudder.

£ 21.60
Temporarily out of stock. Please email to register interest.

Radical R/C Micro Low Stick
(Top | Micro Stick)

The Micro Stick in a Low Wing version! The Micro Low Stick flies much larger than it is. Average span is a mere 17 inches, yet she holds normal modern micro gear. Nothing expensive or exotic required to get this bird in the air.

Endowed with landing gear, Spandau machine gun, spoke covers, faux cockpit pad-ring and all the classic stick character. Exhibits updated ultra-rugged space-frame doublers and in-line formers, both Radical R/C innovations in the RC Kit Field. Like most of the Radical R/C kits, 90%+ may be assembled prior to gluing due to the press fit and joinery!

Price: £ 26.40 Total Price: £ 26.40

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