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Deltang Rx6x Receiver End Of Availability

Deltang receivers have been responsible for a major growth in the use of R/C for model railways. Their breadth of application (N Gauge through Gauge 1) is unequalled in the market. The use of standard DSM2/DSMX protocols and rich functionality has enabled R/C in models that were previously thought impossible.


First the bad news:

You may have seen an announcement on the Deltang web site about obsolecence of the Rx6x series model rail receivers: Rx60, Rx61, Rx62, Rx63, Rx65 and Rx66. The Rx47 is also affected.

This, understandably, will cause consternation among existing Deltang users and those considering a step into model rail R/C. The main reason for DT's decision is that one of the devices used on these receivers (Cypress CYRF6936) has been obsolete for some time and world-wide stocks are nearing exhaustion.

Unless Deltang can find a buyer for the business, production of Rx6x will stop sometime around the end of 2020 and supply from resellers will dry up early in 2021.

And the good news:

We want to reassure customers that there is a future and that your investment in Deltang receivers and transmitters will not be wasted.

Micron is developing a range of receivers using a modern chip, one that the manufacturer has committed to at least 20 years availability. The new transmitters and receivers will be compatible with existing Deltang installations: Micron transmitters will operate Deltang receivers and new Micron receivers can be operated by existing Deltang transmitters.

This work does take time and there is likely to be a gap between disappearance of a Deltang receiver and release of the Micron equivalent. We are working hard to make this gap as small as possible.

A Rx102 replacement is already available, the MR001. Enhancements, including more extensive features, are planned for later this year.

A replacement for Rx66 will be next, followed by a Rx65 replacement. Replacements for Rx60, Rx63 and Rx47 will take longer. Send an email if you want updates.

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