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Regulators and Voltage Converters

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Micron BEC 5V 1A

A lightweight linear 5V 1A voltage regulator that enables you to power a small receiver and micro-servos from a 2-cell (7.4V) LiPo battery pack. Available with 100mm bare end input and output leads or with 40mm leads terminated with female JST-RCY (red JST) socket for input and JR/Hitec plug for output. Size: 14 (+leads) x 11 x 4 mm, weight: 1.5g with 100mm bare-end leads and 1.9g with leads/connectors.

It is designed primarily for gliders and small I/C models using 2S LiPo packs for their higher capacity and lighter weight.

Please contact us if you need a BEC with different connectors.

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Voltage Converters

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Voltage Upconverter - 1S LiPo to 8V or 12V, 2A

A small voltage converter module for generating 8V or 12V from a single LiPo cell - ideal for use with a Deltang Rx6 model rail receiver. Size: 27 x 18 x 5 mm + leads, Weight: 2.4g.

Supplied with 100mm lead-out wires: input is red/blue; output is red/black. Available with and without on-board indicator LED.

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Voltage Upconverter - 1S LiPo to 9V or 12V, 0.4A

A tiny voltage upconverter for generating 9V or 12V at 0.4A max from a single LiPo cell. Size: Size: 13 x 8.5 x 5 mm, Weight: 1.5g. Available as a bare board with solder pads and with lead-out wires plus heatshrink covering.

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