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Retro RC

wee Devil RC

SinBad 36

Slingsby T7

Eastbourne Monoplane

Anzani Engine

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Retro RC wee Devil RC
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wee Devil is an original design by Mark Freeland with styling hints taken from J Allen's 'Little Deer' (published in Feb 1971 Aeromodeller).

The wee Devil kit was designed for easy assembly without the need for full size plans, building jig or other special fixtures. This is not a short kit, everything you would expect in an R/C kit is included. There are 140 precision laser cut parts on 16 sheets, all necessary hardware is supplied including screws to mount the motor and fishing line for hooking up the pull-pull control lines. Covering material is not included: we recommend Litespan, Fibafilm or So-Lite.

The model makes an excellent introduction to 3 channel R/C flying for the novice. When set up for 'park flying', it is a slow and stable flyer.

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Kit Price: £ 50.40 Total Price (incl options): £ 50.40

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Retro RC Sinbad the Sailor 36
(Top | wee Devil RC | Slingsby T7 | Eastbourne Monoplane | Anzani Engine)

An original design 36" span glider with fully built up diamond section fuselage, loosely based on the 1940's Berkeley Sinbad the Sailor. The kit contains 147 precision laser cut parts, and all necessary hardware. SinBad can be built either with two channel R/C, or can be built for free-flight; the kit includes parts for auto-rudder for straight towing & a circling glide - with "Olive" the pilot to steer her.

An optional e'Pod kit is available seperately.

£ 51.60

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Retro RC ePod for Sinbad the Sailor 36

A neat little power pod, which is used to house a 12mm motor. Installs in less than a minute, simply seperate the wing halves, slide onto the wing joiner wires and reconnect the wings, no need for a new wing. All plywood construction, exterior surface is covered in the material you used cover the model.

£ 13.20

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Retro RC 1937 Slingsby T7 Kirkby Cadet
(Top | wee Devil RC | SinBad 36 | Eastbourne Monoplane | Anzani Engine)

A 36" scale model of the Slingsby Kirkby Cadet, an aeroplane that has given many ATC youngsters their first taste of flight. The kit can be built either for Free Flight or two channel RC (parts are included for auto-rudder for straight towing, a DT mechanism and two control horns for R/C, and fishing line which can be used for DT & auto-rudder, no servo mount is provided as there are so many micro servos to choose from). A profile pilot is also included.

This is an original design with box fuselage, scale rib spacing and scale tail surfaces. This kit is intended for builders with some experience, so the instructions although comprehensive are not a detailed as a beginner would expect. The instructions contain many colour photographs to help you with the build.

£ 64.80

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Retro RC 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane, 1:12 Scale
(Top | wee Devil RC | SinBad 36 | Slingsby T7 | Anzani Engine)

A 1:12 scale model of the 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane for R/C or FF with electric or CO2 power. 28 1/4" wing span, 6 - 7 oz with full 4 channel control system, uses 3 off 3g servos, 6A ESC & 10g outrunner. The dummy Anzani engine kit is sold seperately. A model built from a pre-production kit by Mark Lanterman took first place in scale at the USA e'Fest 2014. This is an advanced model, a little tricky to fly as it has NO DIHEDERAL, just like the original!.

Read a review of the Eastbourne kit by Terry Dunn (published in the May 2015 issue of Model Aviation).

£ 88.45

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Retro RC Anzani Inverted "Y" Dummy Engine Kit, 1:12 Scale
(Top | wee Devil RC | SinBad 36 | Slingsby T7 | Eastbourne Monoplane)

A 1:12 scale dummy Anzani engine for scale models, or just to spiff up any 1:12 scale job. All material except glue & paint provided in the kit which includes laser cut wood & card stock parts, plywood hex-nuts, rocker arms, materials for pushrods, spark plugs, valve springs, intake and exhaust stacks; plus an elegant display stand. A 10g outrunner motor fits inside the crank case.

£ 39.00

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