DT / DelTang DSM2 Micro High Voltage DSM2 Receivers for Land-Based Use

Receivers: Rx60 | Rx61 | Rx62 | Rx63 | Rx65 | Rx102
Programmers: Prog3, Prog4

UK designed and manufactured DSM2/DSMX ultra micro 2.4GHz high voltage (> 10V) receivers for land based applications: cars, boats, trains, ... All are compatible with the Spektrum DSM2/DSMX Air and DSM2 Surface modulation types and have a bi-directional ESC ('H') and servo or switch outputs ('P'), all of which may be programmed to suit your need. Either a stick type transmitter or PROG3 / PROG4 may be used for configuring the receiver settings.

P outputs are 0V when off, 3V when on and can supply up to 20mA - great for driving LEDs or servos. F outputs are open-drain switches capable of up to 2A. Only the Rx65 has F outputs. If you need to switch high current or an external circuit (e.g. sound trigger) from Rx60. Rx61, Rx62 or Rx63 then an add-on FET buffer is available.

* The ESC max current is specified without a heatsink (as supplied). The max current (at 13V for Rx60, Rx61 and Rx62) can be increased by the addition of an aluminium heatsink plate the same size as the receiver circuit board, or larger.

The -22 variant of Rx6x receivers provides a Selecta feature to enable control of multiple receivers from a single transmitter. Selecta allows models to be brought in and out of service via the transmitter without touching them.

Rx60-2-N (bare board)
3-13V, 1.3A ESC, 5 x P, size 11 x 22.5mm, DSM2/DSMX
Rx61-2-N (bare board)
3-13V, 1.3A ESC, 8 x P, size 12 x 22.5mm, DSM2/DSMX
OO/HO, Gauge 0
Rx62-2-N (bare board)
3-13V, 1.3A ESC, 4 x P, remote on via reed switch, size 11.5 x 28.2mm, DSM2/DSMX
OO/HO, Gauge 0
Rx63-2-N (bare board)
3-8.4V, 0.5A ESC, 4 x P, size 9.6 x 16.6mm, DSM2/DSMX
0n30, OO/HO
Rx65-2-N (bare board)
3-13V, 3A ESC, 3 x F, 8 x P, size 38 x 14mm, DSM2/DSMX
Gauge 0, SM32, Gauge 1, SM45, G Scale
Rx66-2-N (bare board)
3-18V, 4A/6A ESC, 3 x F, 8 x P, size 46 x 26mm, DSM2/DSMX
Gauge 0, SM32, Gauge 1, SM45, G Scale
Rx102-1-H (AB) : Auto-Bind, Wire Aerial, Horizontal Pins
3-10V, no ESC, 5 x servo, 2 x P, size 18 x 40mm, DSM2 only
live steam, large electric with external ESC
Prog3, Prog4
Programmers for configuring Deltang land-based receivers

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