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DT / DelTang DSM2 for Railway Layout Control

Rx105 | Tx27 | Tx3

UK designed and manufactured DSM2 2.4GHz components for railway layout control.

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Rx105 Layout Control Receiver
(Top | Tx27 | Tx3)

Rx105-1 is a DSM2 receiver for model railway layout control - e.g. turnouts, signals, lights. Must be used with either Tx27 transmitter or Tx3 which can be used in a bespoke controller.

Switches on the transmitter control 'channels', numbered 1-7. Each output on the receiver is controlled by one channel. A choice of three types of output are available: normal servo, 'signal' servo or light (LED). The 'signal' servo output is designed for operating a semaphore type signal with a normal servo; selecting this output type makes the servo (and, hence, the semaphore) 'bounce' before coming to rest.

The output type and servo throw can be set by programming Rx105. Preset combinations of output types are available as receiver variants 1 though 8. Variants 1-4 have five outputs with adjustable throws (Ch1,3,4,5,6). Tx27 can control seven channels (Ch1-7), so variants 5-8 are set up to control the extra two channels (Ch2,7). One variant has all outputs configured for servos so that all 7 switches on the Tx27 can be used for points. Channel numbers are the only difference between variants, select tabs Variants 1..4, Variants 5..8 or Variants 7S & 7X to see the detail for each variant.

All Rx105 outputs go to a saved position on startup. New positions are saved automatically once a minute when signals are being received. Very small changes may not be saved.

Please select a Rx105 variant (-1 is the default). Select one each of Rx105-1 and Rx105-5 or a single Rx105-7S if you want to use all 7 channels of the Tx27 for driving servos.:
Rx105 Variant:

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Tx27 DSM2 Layout Controller
(Top | Rx105 | Tx3)

Tx27 is hand-held DSM2 controller with seven 2-way switches for points, semaphores and lights. It is intended for use with Rx105. The battery is not included.

Tx27 is available as an easy to assemble kit or ready built. The kit requires:

  • drilling of the box for controls (template provided)
  • soldering of internal connecting wires (the Tx2 transmit module is provided assembled)
The kit is as-designed by Deltang and the build notes can be found on the Deltang Tx27 web page.

The components from a Tx27 kit can also be used to R/C enable a track circuit mimic diagram eliminating wiring between the diagram board and turnouts, etc.

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Tx3 DSM2 Layout Control Transmitter Module
(Top | Rx105 | Tx27)

Tx3 is module which can be used to make DSM2 transmitters for complex model railway layout control using multiple Rx105 receivers - turnouts, signals, turntables, lights. Use Tx2 profile 7 for simple 7 channel control with a single Rx105.

Tx3 can only be used with Rx105 receivers and is designed for use with a multiplexor board to expand the 7 inputs on the module to control up to 45 circuits. All inputs are 'analogue' which means they can be used with potentiometers or switches. Tx3 can be used to R/C enable a large track circuit mimic diagram eliminating wiring between the diagram board and turnouts, etc.

The basic use is with a single multiplexor and 1, 2 or 3 Rx105 to control up to 15 signal, turnout or effect circuits. Up to 3 multiplexors may used to extend control to 45 circuits with 9 Rx105 receivers. The multiplexor is not supplied with Tx3 - details available on request . However, the update speed for 45 channels is relatively slow. Switches work well but changes with pots are usually too jerky.

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