DSM2/DSMX Receivers (Spektrum & Compatible)

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All of these receivers are compatible with DSM2 transmitters, some also support DSMX. They are all short-range receivers, suitable for indoor and park flyer models. We have flight tested them and they all work well in their intended application. However, you are strongly recommended to range test in your model before flight.

Also, take a look at the Deltang servo and actuator micro DSM2/DSMX receivers.

Spektrum Receivers

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Vapor DSM2/DSMX Rx/ESC/Servo Module (PKZ3352)

Replacement receiver module for the Parkzone Vapor, now supporting DSMX as well as DSM2. The module features two on-board linear servos and a 1.5A brushed motor ESC. Dimensions: (WxLxH): 27.75 x 23.45 x 8.10mm, Weight: 3.3g.

Fix to your airframe with double sided servo tape or mounting clips are available to allow the receiver to be easily swapped between models.

The onboard servos are connected to the aileron and elevator channels.

£ 57.00

AS3X Receivers

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EFLU4864 DSM2/DSMX AS3X 6 Channel Micro Receiver with Brushless ESC

E-Flite's EFLU4864 is a DSM2/DSMX micro receiver with two on-board linear servos, a 4.9A 2S brushless ESC and AS3X stabilisation. It can be used as a replacement for the AR6400LBL.

The battery socket is a 3 pin JST-PH (mating plugs and battery leads are available) and the motor socket is a 3 pin 2mm Molex (motor lead). Download the programming manual.

£ 49.20

Spektrum USB Interface for AS3X Receivers

This USB interface can be used to program the range of E-flite and Spektrum AS3X micro receivers to alter the characteristics of individual axes.

The programmer is used to set the gain values for each control surface either to tune an existing model or to setup the receiver for a self-built model. To use, you must first download the Windows application from the SPMA3030 product page at www.spektrumrc.com, plug the USB adapter into your PC and the receiver, then run the application.

SPMA3060 is compatible with PKZU2164, AS6410NBL, EFLU4864 and EFLU1264.

£ 9.00
Temporarily out of stock. Please email to register interest.

Spektrum Compatible

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Micro 4 Chan Receiver - Spektrum DSM2/DSMX

A micro single cell 4 channel 2.4GHz receiver, compatible with Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX. Built-in 2A brushed ESC and 4 x JST-SH sockets for aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder. The receiver can also be configured for 7 channel composite PPM output, e.g. for multi-copter use. Dimensions (WxLxH): 21 x 12 x 6.5mm, Weight: 1.1gm

This micro weight receiver is compatible with both DSMX and DSM2 Spektrum protocols. It is designed for use on a single LiPo cell but will operate up to 5V (don't go above this). Access to the onboard 2 Amp brushed ESC and battery input is via pads on the bottom of the circuit board (see the Images tab for details). The receiver may also be powered using any of the JST-SH sockets - e.g. via an ESC plugged into the throttle socket. The throttle signal on the JST-SH socket is always enabled whereas the on-board ESC is 'armed' only when a low throttle signal is 'seen'.

The receiver is available as shown in the thumbnail and optionally with a 'UM' battery lead and 1.27mm pitch 2 pin socket for motor (compatible with the plug on Parkzone and E-flite motors). A lead with 2 pin 1.27mm plug is available for use with motors not already fitted with a connector.

PDF version of receiver info

When used with a pair of 'SuperMicro' Micro 1.4g Linear Servo, the combination is the equivalent of a AR6410 or PKZ3352 (as shown on the Images tab).

Connector and Servo Options:

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Base Price: £ 15.60 Total Price: £ 15.60

AR6400-Like DSM2 Receiver Module

A 6 channel DSM2 receiver/servo/ESC module - almost identical to the AR6400 in mechanical and performance specification but not manufactured by Spektrum. Dimensions (WxLxH): 27.75 x 23.45 x 8.10mm, Weight: 3.9 gram

£ 26.95

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AR6410-Like DSM2/DSMX 6CH Ultra Micro-Rx

This micro 6-channel receiver is the same size and function as a AR6410. It has 2 on-board linear servos and a 2A brushed speed controller. Supports both DSMX and DSM2 protocols. Dimensions (WxLxH): 27.75 x 23.45 x 8.10mm, Weight: 4.9 gram

The receiver is packaged without printed instructions, they may be downloaded from here.

£ 29.40

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Orange DSM2/DSMX 4 Chan Micro Receiver

The Orange 4 is a 4 channel micro DSM2/DSMX compatible receiver. Weighing only 2.5gm, it is suitable for indoor and small park flyer models.

Size:36 x 14 x 7 mm
Weight:2.5 gm

Available with JR/Hitec 0.1inch/2.54mm pin space connectors (R410X - user manual) and with Molex 1.25mm pin space connectors (R415X - user manual).

Select type:

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Orange DSMX/DSM2 R615X 6 Channel Micro Receiver

The Orange R615X is a 6 channel park flyer DSMX/DSM2 compatible receiver with the same physical dimensions as the discontinued Spektrum AR6100. It is suitable for park flyer models.

Size:19.5 x 30 x 10 mm
Weight:9.6 gm

The weight can be reduced to 4gm by removing the case.

£ 13.45

Lemon DSM2 Micro 6 Channel Receiver

A small 6 channel DSM2 compatible receiver with JST-SH connectors. Weighing only 2.7gm and with dimensions 25 x 18 x 6mm.

Voltage range: 3.45V - 10.2V (tested OK down to 3.1V). Lemon Rx manual.

£ 11.95

AR6400 / PKZ3351 Mounting Clips

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AR6400 / AR6410L / MX-Rx62H Mounting Clip

A 3D printed plastic mounting clip for AR64xx (short throw servo), PKZ33352 (thick PCB), AR64xxL (long throw servo) or MX-Rx62H receiver modules - select the appropriate version from the drop-down menu below.

Weighs only 0.45gm and allows your expensive receiver to be swapped between models. Glue the mount into your model and snap the receiver module into the clip. Holds the receiver firmly but easily removable.

video showing receiver insertion and removal.

NOTE: recent batches of the PKZ3352 use a thicker PCB material - 1.15mm vs 0.8mm for the original. If you are purchasing a new PKZ3352, choose the PKZ3352 clip. If you already have a PKZ3352 and the PCB thickness is less than 1mm, choose the AR64xx/PKZ3351 clip.

Price: from £3.95

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Retro RC Spektrum Rx Brick Mount

A set of delrin parts to build a secure mounting clip for AR6400 type short and long throw receivers. Fits sheet thickness up to 4.8mm (3/16"). Also, includes 2 ply control horns and a ply mounting template.

£ 3.95 Select type:

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Stevens Aero AR6400 Clip & Battery Mount

A quick release nylon receiver clip and plywood tray for the PKZ3351/2 and AR6400 micro receiver modules. The kit includes parts to make 3 mounts: 2 standard plywood trays, and 1 combination receiver and battery tray plus a plastic clip that can be moved between mounts. The clip holds the receiver securely within your model and is similar to that used on many Stevens Aero micro aircraft kits.

£ 4.25

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