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Stevens Aero microHawk (capacitor-power)
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Soar to new heights with capacitor power and the Stevens AeroModel microHawk. The microHawk design features an innovative self-jigging polyhedral wing and fuselage assembly - producing repeatable and accurate builds that fly great! This model is well suited to class room and club building – with fully illustrated and detailed instructions. The novice builder will be rewarded with a fine flying model aeroplane.


  • Self-jigging all sheet polyhedral wing assembly
  • Dual flight modes (The microHawk may be flown as both a free glider or a capacitor-powered model)
  • Integrated launch lug for (optional elastic launch)
  • Carbon fibre tail boom
  • Illustrated instructions and detailed assembly diagram

Capacitor-Power Kit, motor, and charging electronics not included in the kit but available as optional extras.

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Kit Price: £ 24.00 Total Price: £ 24.00
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Stevens Aero re-Run
(Top | microHawk | Rookie)

re-Run is a new twist on the classic hand launch entry level glider design. Long smooth glides are the name of the game. Play catch with a friend or fly in circles about yourself. An ideal evening project and skill builder.

£ 16.95

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Stevens Aero Rookie
(Top | microHawk | re-Run)

The Rookie glider has been tuned to achieve excellent performance in the hands of lower powered throwers and lighter/smaller rubber launchers. The Rookie offers a fun and successful platform that's a bit more simple, stable, and durable than competition class models.

When designing this product Stevens Aero had in mind an entry level pilot operating out of smaller local parks. There is no de-thermalizer... thus launch height has been limited in the design to ~30 ft. (which should reduce the chances of losing the glider in lift).

Rookie is a quick building precision laser cut hand or catapult launch glider. Signature Stevens AeroModel design features interlocking parts and simple thoughtfully engineered construction. The cambered sheet wing construction eliminates tedious sanding and reduces build time to minutes instead of hours.

The kit includes:

  • Pre-cut parts from AAA grade balsa
  • Premium 3/16 in. sport rubber and launch handle
  • Computer drawn plans with step by step instruction
  • Flying guide
  • Ballast material
and requires:

£ 16.95

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