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Stevens Aero Micro Models - Nostalgia

RingRat 050


QuickOats 100



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Stevens Aero RingRat 050
(Top | Ace | QuickOats 100 | Rockette | BuzzBomb)

Wow your friends with this vintage styled pint sized ultra-micro aerobat. The RingRat (RC-050) is based upon our popular nostalgic control line trainer. Now re-engineered to fly off-lines using today's popular ultra-micro electronics. This classic aerobat is well suited for small outdoor flying sites and large indoor venues. Designed for the Spektrum AR6400 receiver modules.

RingRat 050 is a full-house (rudder, elevator, aileron) model and very aerobatic.

The kit includes:

  • Precision Laser Cut Hand Selected Balsa and Hardwood Components
  • Pre-cut Vinyl Windscreen
  • Landing Gear Hardware
  • Ultra-Light Wheel Set
  • Tail Skid
  • Aileron Bell Crank, Control Horns, and Control Linkage
  • Photo Illustrated Step-by-Step Instruction Set
  • Computer Drawn Detail Sheet

You may download the build manual.

£ 45.60

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Stevens Aero Ace 100, Nostalgic RC Old Timer
(Top | RingRat 050 | QuickOats 100 | Rockette | BuzzBomb)

The nostalgic lines of Stevens Aero Ace (100) are presented with a strong nod to Henry Struck and his 1940’s vintage New Ruler and American Ace free flight designs. This modern laser-cut kit is delivered with the finest stock materials and features a beginner friendly interlocking assembly – greatly improving your building experience.

The kit includes:

  • Precision laser cut hand selected balsa components
  • Photo illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Hardware; push-rods, control horns, landing gear wire, and wheels
  • Full size detail sheet including trim templates to complete the model as pictured.

Designed for the following airborne components:

  • ParkZone PKZ3352 Ultra-Micro Receiver/ESC/Servo "Brick"
  • ParkZone PKZ3624 Motor and Gearbox
  • 150mAh or 160mAh 3.7V LiPo with UM compatible connector
  • E-Flite EFL9051 Propeller

£ 54.95

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Stevens Aero QuickOats 100
(Top | RingRat 050 | Ace | Rockette | BuzzBomb)

Nostalgic lines reminiscent of the venerable Quaker free flight model line. Stevens Aero reduced this flying classic to 100 square inches and added a touch of "Toon" charm. Well behaved and easy to fly indoors and out! Designed to be flown using popular 2.4GHz ultra micro electronics from the ParkZone line of model aircraft or the Spektrum AR6400 receiver module.

The QuickOats 100 kit includes a full-size plan with instructions. You may also download the comprehensive assembly manual and photo supplement.

Also, take a look at the RC Groups build log.

£ 34.80

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Stevens Aero Rockette 100 "Toon Rocketeer"
(Top | RingRat 050 | Ace | QuickOats 100 | BuzzBomb)

Graced with nostalgic lines of free-flight models of yesteryear. This modern laser cut model airplane kit accepts today's most popular ultra-micro systems by Spektrum, ParkZone, and E-Flite. With a flying weight under 2 oz. the Rockette is ideally suited for sorties in the sports hall or garden.

Download the build manual and photo supplement.

£ 49.45

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Stevens Aero BuzzBomb 100 "Toon Buzzard" Micro Flyer
(Top | RingRat 050 | Ace | QuickOats 100 | Rockette)

The BuzzBomb 100 is a reduced version of the vintage free-flight classic Buzzard Bombshell and, while it echoes the lines of the championship wining predecessor, the construction, styling, and flight control is refreshingly modern. The BuzzBomb 100 is slow enough to be flown indoors yet equally a delight to pilot outside on dawn or evening patrol. The BuzzBomb 100 has been designed to readily accept the abundant and affordable ParkZone Ultra-Micro indoor electronics.

The beginner friendly airframe assembles in a matter of hours, and the simple attractive lines are a breeze to cover. To ensure builder success the thoughtful design and materials selection is backed by a thorough step-by-step instruction manual, clear drawings and downloadable photo supplement.

£ 52.80

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