Stevens Aero Micro Max

Stevens Aero microMAX 103

The 'microMax 103' captures the simple lines, easy construction and delightful performance of the home built full-size MiniMax. Designed for the Parkzone Vapor or Spektrum AR6400 receiver modules.

The Team Mini Max was designed by Wayne Ison and marketed through TEAM aircraft. This highly successful mid-wing strut braced single seat rag wing design found favor among many home builders. TEAM eventually folded but the design lives on and has shuffled around from business to business (currently being sold through

microMax is modelled on an older Mini Max three-view as published in Bill Hannan's Peanuts & Pistachios resource and it should be noted that this three-view deviates somewhat from current full scale production. Stevens Aero chose to keep these deviations as they lend a unique look to the aircraft and, being a home built design, there's great variance in completed airframes as each builder offers their unique twist on finishing items such as cowl, wing tips, and empennage.

The kit includes:

  • Precision laser cut parts
  • Full size plan set
  • Photo illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Hardware package including push-rods, control horns, struts, pre-cut acetate wind screen and wheels

Recommended Flying Site:Gymnasium
Airframe Type:Basic Trainer
Control Layout:3 Channel R/E/T
Wing Span:18.5"
Wing Area:65 sq in.
Flying Weight:1.5oz (45gm)
Loading:3.3 oz/sq ft
Receiver:Parkzone PKZ3351, PKZ3352, PKZUA1151 or Spektrum AR6400/AR6410 (Tx mix or mode 4 required to use AR6400/AR6410 for rudder/aileron)
Power Unit:Parkzone PKZ3624 (P-51 Motor/Gearbox) plus EFL9051 (micro 4-Site prop)
Battery:120-160mAh single cell
Pilot Skill Level:Beginner
Builders Skill Level:Beginner

A number of options for Stevens Aero microMAX 103 may be purchased at discounted prices. Selecting an option will add its price to the total for the kit.

Motor:Microaces 8.5mm Motor / Gearbox: +£13.30

The 4-Site props (pack of 2) are preferred but, if out of stock, the GWS 5x3 with adapter is a good alternative.

E-flite Micro 4-Site Propeller with Spinner (pk of 2) (EFL9051): +£7.31 (no stock)
micro-speed 5x3 prop (black): +£0.81 ea, quantity:
1.5mm Rubber Prop Adapter (5 pk): +£3.28

AR6400 type receivers require either a mode 4 Tx or a Tx mix to map the aileron stick onto the rudder channel. The Futaba and Spektrum Micro receiver options comprises separate receiver and servos. Installation differs from that shown in the instructions for Vapor and AR64xx receivers - the servos are mounted on the fuselage wall using the supplied servo mounting tape.

Vapor DSM2/DSMX Rx/ESC/Servo Module (PKZ3352)£48.45
MXL-RX62H-A1 DSM2/DSMX Receiver Module£33.65
MXL-RX62H-B1 Futaba S-FHSS Receiver Module+£33.65
Micro Futaba S-FHSS Receiver & 2 x 1.4g Linear Servo£31.90
MXL-RX6H-B2 FrSky D8 Receiver Module+£33.65

LiPo cannot be sent within the UK without an accompanying electronic device (e.g. receiver). LiPo cannot be sent at all via airmail and must use a road carrier. Please contact us to get a shipping quotation if you wish to add a LiPo. See LiPo shipping for details.

Hyperion G5 130mAh 1S (3.7V) 50C£4.50
Nano-Tech 150mAh 1S (3.7V) 25C+£3.60
Hyperion G5 160mAh 1S (3.7V) 50C£4.95
Glue:Deluxe Materials Roket Hot - 20g: +£5.51
Deluxe Materials Roket Rapid - 20g: +£5.51
Deluxe Materials Micro Tips and Tube: +£5.22
Deluxe Materials 4 Min Speed Epoxy - 71gm (2.5oz): +£8.79

Only required if you wish to substitute for the plastic wheels included in the kit

Du-Bro DB150MW 1.5" Mini Lite Wheels: +£4.89 (no stock)

Kit Price: £ 30.00

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