DSM2 Transmitters for Land-Based Vehicles


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These transmitters are all low-power, short-range and support the DSM2 protocol. They use the Tx2 module with a profile appropriate to the set of controls provided by a particular transmitter.

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Tx20V DSM2 Land Vehicle Transmitter

Tx20V is low-power hand-held DSM2 controller optimised for land vehicles (cars, trucks, boats). It has centre-click rotary controls for speed and steering plus two toggle switches and two push buttons for controlling lights. The throttle and steering knobs are positioned so that the transmitter box may be comfortably held in one hand with the throttle operated with the thumb and the steering knob operated with the fingers of the other hand.

The Tx20V may also be used for programming Deltang receivers.

Tx20V uses a PP3 battery which is not included.

£ 58.00

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