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Servo and Power Wire

Servo Lead Wire | Power Wire | Heatshrink Tubing

Servo Lead Wire

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Lightweight PTFE Insulated 30AWG / 32AWG Wire

Tough lightweight PTFE insulated wire, ideal for micro motor, servo, ESC leads, etc. Spec:

30AWG :
7 strands of 0.1mm silver plated wire, 30awg overall, conductor cross-section 0.06mm2, outside diameter 0.61mm, weight 1.05gm per m.
32AWG :
7 strands of 0.079mm silver plated wire, 32awg overall, conductor cross-section 0.03mm2, outside diameter 0.56mm, weight 0.8gm per m.

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Servo Wire, 32 AWG 2m Length

Lightweight 32awg PVC insulated servo extension wire, ideal for micro models. Diameter: 0.6mm, width across 3 wires: 1.8mm, weight: 2.1gm/m. Colours are JR brown/red/orange.

£ 0.95

Power Wire

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Lightweight Flexible PVC Insulated Wire

A selection of lightweight multi-stranded PVC insulated power wire. Ideal for indoor and small outdoor models. Supplied as a pair of 1m lengths with red and black insulation, or single length of yellow:

SizeCurrentO.D.Weight (per mtr)Strands

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12 Strand Multicore Cable

1m of 12 core multi-strand cable. Ideal for stripping to separate each core wire which is 7/0.1mm tinned copper with PVC insulation and 0.7mm outside diameter. Colours: red, black, white, blue, green, yellow, brown, violet, orange, pink, turquoise, grey.

£ 0.95

Silicone Insulated Copper Wire

1m of red and 1m of black silicone insulated copper wire - 0.25mm sq 5A, 0.5mm sq 7.5A.

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Heatshrink Tubing

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Heatshrink Tube (1m)

A selection of lightweight thin wall heatshrink tube in 1m lengths. Indispensible for a variety of modelling uses:

  • protecting solder joints
  • bundling wires together
  • joining piano wire and carbon fibre pushrod components

The listed size is the unshrunk diameter, the shrunk diameter is 50% (2:1 ratio). When possible, purchases of multiple 1m lengths will be supplied as a single continuous length.

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