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Micron MR001 DSM2/DSMX Receiver for Land-Based Vehicles

MR001a/b/c are discontinued. The replacement is MR001d.

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Micron MR001 2.4GHz DSM2/DSMX Receiver

A small (30 x 18 x 11mm) 8 output DSM2/DSMX compatible receiver for model railway use on live-steam and large battery electric locos. It can drive speed controllers, servos and LEDs (auto-directional lights and manually switched from the transmitter). The dimensions allow it to fit easily into many 32/45mm steam or diesel locomotives. MR001 is a good replacement for the Deltang Rx102 receiver.

The voltage range is 3.45V to 8.4V so is best powered from a 4 or 5 cell NiMH battery for live-steam or from the 5V BEC speed controller output for battery electric locos.

MR001 is compatible with all Micron model rail transmitters, with Deltang transmitters and Spektrum stick-type aicraft transmitters (e.g. DX6). Selecta is supported for use with Tx22 and Tx24. Selecta is disabled by default but easily enabled using the supplied jumper plug. MR001 must be bound to a transmitter before use; some MR001 require a jumper plug across signal pins 5 & 7 to put them in bind mode, others automatically enter bind mode if a previously bound transmitter signal is not found within 5 seconds of switch on.

7 outputs are available at the front of the receiver and there is 1 output at the rear. Most receiver versions have standard 0.1 inch pitch JR/Futaba pins at the front for servo or ESC plugs. The single aerial MR001a and MR001b is also available with no pins, just solder pads; this reduces the height to approx 5mm. Twin aerial diversity receivers have a JST-ZH socket for the 8th output, single aerial receivers have solder pads. MR001a outputs can be configured for servo or 0V/3.3V switched, MR001b outputs are fixed at the standard configuration (other configurations of servo and switched outputs can be provided to special order).

See the MR001a user manual or MR001b user manual for further information or view these wiring diagrams:

Weight: 4.5gm, dimensions: 30mm x 18mm x 11mm (30 x 18 x 5mm for the no pin version).

£ 25.00

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JR Plug & 2 Wire Lead For MR00x Receiver (pair)

A pair of 150mm lead-out wires for front & rear lights (P6 & P7) on MR00x receivers.

See the MR001 ESC & Lighting document for LED connection information.

£ 1.45

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JR Plug & 3 Wire Lead For Sound Triggers From MR00x Receiver

A JR plug and 3 x 150mm lead-out wires with series 4k7 ohm resistors for connecting MyLocoSound triggers to P3, P4 & P5 on MR00x receivers.

£ 1.95

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