Micro Servos

Single LiPo Cell Servos

These servos are designed to work on the voltage range from a single LiPo cell (3V - 4.2V). Most have a specified maximum working voltage of 5V; some customers report that they work OK on 5V, but this cannot be guaranteed. If you want to use them on a 5V system (e.g. BEC output from 2S ESC), then a power silicon diode (e.g. IN4001) should be used in the positive lead from BEC to receiver/servos to drop the voltage to approximately 4.3V.

1.7gm Micro Digital Servo

An ultra micro rotary output servo for use on single LiPo cell R/C systems. Weighs 2.0gm complete with output disk, wires and connector.

Supplied with 3 types of output arm: single, double & cross. The single arm is 8.5mm from centre of pivot to the end of the arm, the double arm is 10mm from centre of pivot and 20mm overall diameter, the cross arm is 14mm in diameter and 7mm in radius.

Available with JST-SH (1mm), Molex Picoblade (1.25mm) and JST-ZH (1.5mm) connectors, all on 100mm leads.

Size (LxWxH):14 x 6.2 x 18 mm
Weight:1.7 gm
Torque:0.075 kg/cm @ 4.2V
Speed:0.05 sec/60° @ 4.2V

2.2gm Micro Servo

A micro conventional rotary output servo for use on single LiPo cell R/C systems. Weighs 2.6gm complete with output disk and 100mm wires and is fitted with a Molex 1.25mm pin space connector.

Available with JST-SH (1mm) and Molex Picoblade (1.25mm) connectors.

Size (LxWxH):16 x 8 x 20 mm
Weight:2.5 gm
Torque:0.2 kg/cm @ 3.7V
Speed:0.08 sec/60° @ 3.7V

'SuperMicro' Micro 1.4g Linear Servo

A micro linear servo for single LiPo cell operation. Supplied with 60mm lead and JST-SH plug. Compatible with Spektrum AR6410 and DT Rx33.

The operating force is 35g and the speed is 0.12s at 4.2V for a linear travel of 8mm.

Size (LxWxH):18.1 x 15.2 x 7.8 mm
Weight:1.4 gm
Force:35 gm @ 4.2V
Speed:0.12 sec end-to-end @ 4.2V

£ 8.00

5V-6V Servos

Tower Pro SG90 9g Servo

A small, lightweight servo with high output power. Ideal for controlling model railway turnouts and signals.

Size (LxWxH):23 x 12.2 x 29 mm
Weight:9 gm
Torque:1.8 kg/cm @ 4.8V
Speed:0.1 sec/60° @ 4.8V

£ 2.95

Emax ES08MDII 12g Metal Gear Digital Servo

A small yet strong servo with metal gears. High torque output. Suitable for larger park flyers and ideal for use on the regulator for small live steam locos.

Size (LxWxH):23.6 x 11.5 x 27.75 mm
Weight:12 gm
Torque:1.6 kg/cm @ 4.8V
Speed:0.12 sec/60° @ 4.8V

£ 13.20

Hitec HS-82MG Mini Servo With Metal Gears

£ 20.65

Hitec HS-322HD Heavy Duty Servo

£ 13.80