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JST-ZH Connectors and Leads

The JST-ZH connector is used on many micro size receivers, servos and speed controllers. Although some manufacturers did use incompatible pin assignment, there is now a high degree of agreement on the layout signal | negative | positive. The physical design of the connector shell prevents insertion into a socket the wrong way round so mitigating the strange choice of negative in the centre.

Leads using this connector should be used with care: wires tend to be thin and the small grip area of the crimp will result in failure of the joint if excessive force is used to remove a connector. DO NOT tug on the wires to remove a plug, use tweezers to lever the connector shell out of the socket. For wiring information, see Micro Connection Wiring.

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JST-ZH Servo Lead

A 100mm lightweight servo lead with a white 3 pin JST-ZH plug to mate with the connectors on the DT Rx35 and Spektrum AR6300 receivers. The lead has a connector at one end and bare wires at the other end (the wires may differ from those shown in the image).

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JST-ZH Connector Shell & Crimps (5 pack)

5 packs of 2 pin and 3 pin connector shell and crimp terminals to make plugs compatible with the JST-ZM and JST-ZR 1.5mm pin spacing sockets as used for:

2 pin:battery connectors
3 pin:servo connectors on Spektrum AR6310 micro rx and DT Rx35d

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JST-ZM Servo Socket Shell & Crimps (5 pack)

A pack of 5 x 3 pin socket shells and 20 crimp terminals (5 spare) to make connectors which will mate with the JST-ZH 1.5mm pin space plug on servos and ESC.

£ 3.95

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JST-ZR Socket with solder pins (5 pack)

5 packs of 2 pin and 3 pin solder pin sockets to mate with 1.5mm pin space JST-SH plugs.

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