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Micron MR603b DSM2/DSMX 20V Receiver with 3A Bi-Directional ESC

Due to component shortage, MR603b is discontinued. Its replacement, MR603c is now available.

MR603b Top
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MR603b is a 2.4GHz DSM2/DSMX receiver which includes one integrated 3A reversable controller for brushed motors (ESC) plus 10 auxiliary outputs (4xF, 6xP) for lighting, sound trigger, couplers, etc. It can be used with any Spektrum DSM2/DSMX compatible transmitter; this includes all of the Micron model rail transmitters or a stick model aircraft type transmitter.

MR603b is 38x18x10mm and weighs 3.6g without leads. The voltage range is 5V to 20v and the 3A motor current rating makes it suitable Gauges 0 and 1 plus 16mm narrow gauge. MR603b is available as board-only for you to add wiring or with a range of pre-wired leads / connectors. The standard output configuration is described on the Outputs tab. If the wiring or configuration options do not meet your needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

An enormous range of programming features are provide to enable you to customise the operation of MR603b to suit your model. The current firmware version is 1.4.2. See MR603 Programming (v1.4.2) for full details or the user manual for brief information. Access to programming is either via a stick type transmitter or one of the Micron model rail transmitters. A stand-alone programmer with web interface is in development.

The receiver is normally supplied as a bare board, with wiring options as specified in the menus below. The MR603b is fitted with a 100mm extended aerial - mount the receiver so that the last 30mm of the aerial can 'see' the transmitter. If you want the receiver protected against accidental contact with metal parts, please select the 'heatshrink' option.

£ 45.00

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