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Wiring Harness for Model Rail

These wiring sets are provided to simplify fitting R/C to your model railway locomotive. Please contact us if you do not see a suitable harness here - we will make one and add it to the list.

Bespoke Wiring Harness - NiMH Battery

This wiring harness is for locos that use a NiMH, or similar, battery, requiring a simple 2 wire connection. This harness should not be used for Lithium type batteries as these must be used with multi-pole charge connection. The harness includes a battery socket, inline resettable fuse, on/off switch, charge socket and bare-end power leads for connection to your receiver.

The standard configuration is a JST-RCY socket for the battery, 100mm battery / receiver power leads, toggle on/off(charge) switch, and a 50mm lead to the 5.5/2.1mm DC charge socket. These may be changed using the menus below.

Please select connector and lead length options from the menus below. If a bespoke wire length is selected (W1, W2 or W3) please include a note on the checkout page of the required length or send an email to sales@micronradiocontrol.co.uk.:
Battery Connector:
Battery Lead Length:
Charge Socket:
Charge Socket Lead Length:
Receiver Lead Length:

Base Price: £ 5.75 Total Price: £ 5.75

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