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Model Rail & Land-Based Vehicle R/C

Micron manufactures and supplies a range of R/C components for use on model rail and land-based vehicles.

R/C Receivers

All receivers support the Spektrum DSM2/DSMX protocol and so are compatible with a wide range of transmitters, including our own which are designed for ease of use with model rail. The receivers are available as a bare board with solder pads for you to attach wires or with fitted with 100mm lead-out wires for you to cut to length and solder to motor, switch, etc.

Micron MR601From £34.00 (inc VAT)

MR601 is a DSM2/DSMX receiver with 1 x 1.2A ESC, 2 x 1A switched outputs (F) and 3 x low current 3.3V outputs.

Suitable for 0n30, 00/H0, 7mmNG and smaller 0 Gauge.

Voltage:2.7V to 13V
Esc Current:1.2A
Size:22.5 x 11mm

Micron MR603From £42.00 (inc VAT)

MR603 is a DSM2/DSMX receiver with 1 x 3A ESC, 4 x 2A switched outputs (F) and 6 x low current 3.3V outputs.

Suitable for 0 and 1 gauges, 16mm narrow gauge and some 00 locos.

Voltage:5V to 20V
Esc Current:3A
Size:38 x 18mm

Micron MR001From £20.00 (inc VAT)

MR001 is a DSM2/DSMX receiver servo or switched outputs. Although intended for live-steam using servos to control regulator, reverser and whistle, it can be used for large battery locos using an external speed controller. The switched outputs can be used for LED lighting or connected to a sound card trigger inputs.

Available either with a fixed configuration (MR001b) or programmable via transmitter controls (MR001a).

Voltage:3.5V to 8.5V
Outputs:7 JR style pins, optional JST-ZH at rear
Size:30 x 18mm

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