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Micron MRxxx Receiver Versions

These tables lists hardware and firmware versions for the Micron MRxxx range of receivers. The hardware version is marked on the receiver circuit board. The firmware version is identified by a letter written on one of the chips - e.g. 'D' indicates firmware version 1.4.


DSM2/DSMX receiver, 3.5V-8.5V, 11 servo or on/off outputs

MR001 Hardware

VersionRelease Date 
MR001a, MR001b2018-01-01First release
MR001c2022-09-01Combined 'a' and 'b' functionality
MR001d2024-02-09New hardware base

MR001 Firmware

Firmware VersionIdentRelease Date User Manual ConfigurationProgramming 
1.1 A 2024-02-09 mr001-1.1-info mr001-1.1-config mr001-1.1-progtable First release of MR001d
1.2 B TBD mr001-1.2-info mr001-1.2-config mr001-1.2-progtable Support multiple ESC (hbridge or servo)


DSM2/DSMX receiver, 2.7V-12V, 1.2A max motor current, 2 x F switches, 3 x P auxiliary outputs.

MR601 Hardware

VersionRelease Date 
MR601a2023-09-29First release

MR601 Firmware

Firmware VersionIdentRelease Date User Manual ConfigurationProgramming 
1.5 G 2023-09-29 mr601-1.5-info mr601-1.5-config mr601-1.5-progtable First release
1.6 H 2023-11-08 mr601-1.6-info mr601-1.5-config mr601-1.5-progtable DSMX improvements, bug fixes for power-on-changes
1.7 I 2023-11-20 mr601-1.7-info mr601-1.5-config mr601-1.5-progtable Power-on change for ESC PWM frequency
1.8 J TBD mr601-1.7-info mr601-1.5-config mr601-1.5-progtable Support for MAX22201 ESC chip


DSM2/DSMX receiver, 5V-20V, 3A max motor current, 4 x F switches, 6 x P auxiliary outputs.

MR603 Hardware

VersionRelease Date 
MR603a2022-06-10First release
MR603b2022-08-08Change to motor driver due to component shortages
MR603b22022-09-26Change to avr64db32 CPU
MR603c2023-08-25CYRF6936 radio chip

MR603 Firmware

Firmware VersionIdentRelease Date User Manual ConfigurationProgramming 
1.1 A 2022-06-10 mr603-1.1-info mr603-1.2-config mr603-1.2-progtable Initial release, core ESC, Servo and On/Off functionality.
1.2 B 2022-07-16 mr603-1.1-info mr603-1.2-config mr603-1.2-progtable Bug fix release for sleep behaviour and bi-directional LED on P1/P2.
1.2.1 B2 2022-09-07 mr603-1.1-info mr603-1.2-config mr603-1.2-progtable Configuration changes for distributor RCS.
1.3 C 2022-09-26 mr603-1.1-info mr603-1.2-config mr603-1.2-progtable Support for avr64db32 CPU on mr603b2.
1.4 D 2023-01-10 mr603-1.4-info mr603-1.4-config mr603-1.4-progtable Latch3 on/off behaviour, indicator and hazard flashers, travel automation and new P1/P2 reset, save backup or ch2/ch4 prog entry options.
1.4.1 E 2023-02-17 mr603-1.4-info mr603-1.4-config mr603-1.4.1-progtable Fix pause bug in shuttle modes and add program function to set reactivate time.
1.4.2 F 2023-03-31 mr603-1.4-info mr603-1.4-config mr603-1.4.2-progtable Port grouping for synchronised action
1.5 G 2023-08-25 mr603-1.5-info mr603-1.5-config mr603-1.5-progtable Faster startup, remove selected config display, single LED with fast flash while binding, programming function to expanded servo range
1.6 H 2023-11-08 mr603-1.5-info mr603-1.5-config mr603-1.5-progtable DSMX improvements, bug fixes for power-on-changes
1.7 I 2023-01-01 mr603-1.5-info mr603-1.5-config mr603-1.5-progtable Bug fixes to automation (shuttle mode); auto min/max throttle range

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